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Slingfly Media

Get content creation and marketing resources from experts that know the enterprise B2B software space. While some marketing companies serve a wide range of industries, our expertise is focused on the software space. From software manufacturers to reseller channels, we know what it takes to create content that let’s you focus on developing digital transformation solutions.


SuperWorld is a social AR platform company which allows users to build community in Augmented Reality. Users and brands can personalize the real world by adding anything anywhere in augmented reality with photos, videos, texts, and 3D objects, and share the AR experience with friends and followers. We are currently launched on iPhone.


Kaleido simplifies the process of creating and operating permissioned blockchains with a seamless experience across cloud properties, and geographies and on-premise deployments for all network participants. Going beyond just the chain, Kaleido provides a full stack of tools and services and patterns of deployment to build complete blockchain solutions for today’s modern business networks.


Datagrama visuals is a collective of designers & creative coders that do live visuals & light installations using generative design & projection mapping. Inspired by nature and mathematics, Datagrama creates real time visualizations using generative custom made tools


Zenus Biometrics is a platform integrated with existing registration companies to offer a seamless experience and live updates. More importantly, it incorporates privacy to protect end user information and uses face recognition to speed up the check-in process by 2-5x at conferences, exhibitions, trade-shows, and festivals across the world.


Pex delivers independent video and music analytics & rights management services to enable creators, rights holders and marketers to find, measure and leverage the value of content across the Web. It integrates cutting-edge proprietary fingerprinting and indexing technologies to identify music and video across all major social platforms. 

Mod Tech Labs

Mod Tech Labs processes scans more efficiently to generate 3D assets. This technology allows for production companies to differentiate themselves and boost their bottom line. Our solution reduces man-hours and speeds up delivery of final assets. We are 98% faster than traditional linear processing by using a proprietary cluster in queue-based processing. Making teams nimbler and more efficient to produce content that is fast, affordable, and higher quality.  

Ringer Sciences

Ringers Sciences provides data science and data strategy consulting services for a variety of industries, with a focus on rapid prototyping of internal and external analytics products. A team of proven innovators who know how to quickly digest business requirements, dive into your data, generate product prototypes and data models, and articulate them back to business and technology stakeholders to close the loop. 


Skaffolder allows you to create a webapp, its structure and its pages, saving 30% of the time compared to standard timings, automating a process until now manual. This guarantees a lower production effort, an increase productivity and a continuous training support for the development team, thanks an integration with the most recent programming languages.


Attensa is the most effective way for businesses to engage and inform their workforce on topics that drive productivity, innovation and growth. Our customers are global industry leaders.Our mission is to help people stay informed on the stories, news and information that matters to their work. To provide intelligent, cloud-based services and applications that filter and refine seas of information into focused streams of relevant content.

B Energy Water

The simplest, purest energy water in Austin, TX from Purified Water, Real Lemons, Organic Caffeine. Why was B Energy Water created? After months of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, they needed a new keystone habit to break me out of my funk. The answer was drinking the simplest & purest energy water every morning to have a clear start to the day.